Affiliate, advertising and marketing disclaimer

This is a personal website, run by two friends who have a love for Portugal, it has no legal or official links to any government agency or tourism board.

You can lean more about our privacy policy, business disclaimer and cookies policy by following this link.

On this page, we will share our advertising, marketing and affiliate disclaimer.

Trust and honesty are very important for us. We have both been writers, journalists and bloggers for nearly ten years each now, so we know the rules, and how important honest real content is. As such, we want to explain exactly how this website works below, and what to expect.

The majority of content is written from our own experiences, paid for by ourself. We live in Portugal, and we love Portugal, so we are always heading off on weekend trips, day-trips, and road trips around the country for our own pleasure, the majority of the content you find on this website comes from that.

However, occasionally, other kind of content will be found on this website, as explained below.

Affiliate Links

Some of the links on this website, are affiliate links. These will be automatically identified with a little logo, unlike regular links, which when hovered over will highlight it is an affiliate links.

Affiliate links are links to products or services we recommend. For you, these links are very much the same as normal, the link will take you to a product, and the price will be the same as normal. If you do make a purchase after using this link though, we may get paid a small commission from that sale which supports the running of this website. This is common practice for many websites and referral services, for example anyone even without a website can create an affiliate account on AirBnB now and share their recommendations with friends, and get a small amount of the money back.

If you have any questions regarding this, you can contact us at ola[at]

Our Digital Media Agency DMPT and other jobs

As well as this travel blog where we share tips and guides to Portugal, we both live and work here, as freelancers for other media businesses, and running our own agency in the travel and hospitality areas. This means we often are hired to work with restaurants, hotels and the like through that company, to create content for that business. They are unaware of this website usually, and there are no agreements in place to promote these business, however, if we may end up recommending the business on this website. Examples of this could be:

Sarah, a freelance write in Portugal, is invited to a new restaurant in Lisbon because she works for a newspaper in Portugal. The invite is to cover the restaurant for an article in that newspaper. A few months later, we might be doing a roundup list here of the ‘Ten best traditional restaurants in Lisbon’ and Sarah will include that restaurant because she genuinely loved it.

Another example, is through the agency we are employed to create a promotional video for a hotel company in Porto to use on their social media. It might be the first time we have been inside this hotel, and find out it’s got some really quirky and nice features. Next time we write an article about ‘Boutique hotels in Porto’ it might make the list.

Sponsored Adverts and Advertorial

From time to time we may be provided with advertorial content to include on the website. This will be when a business has create the photos, article and material themselves, and asked us to simply post it on our website to bring awareness. In these situations, a fee is often paid as it is advertising and adverts, but in a longer form content. These kinds of adverts will always be marked at the start of the article, so you know the content various from our personal posts. For example, they will state ‘Advertorial content: this content was provided by XXX(Hotel 12345) as promotional content for XXX(their new restaurant)’

Complimentary experiences / press visits / paid campaigns

Occasionally, we will be invited for complimentary experiences or press visits. These are seen as an exchange of services, for coverage on this website.

We never guarantee coverage in exchange for a press visit, so if the hotel, restaurant or experience wasn’t up to scratch, we simply wont cover it.

If we like or love it, we will write about it, and these articles will state at the top ‘Guide2Portugal was invited by XXX to experience this product as their guest, all opinions remain our own’ with a link to this page.

Occasionally, we may work with a destination or company on a larger marketing campaign, where money has been exchanged for services. In this case, these articles will state at the top ‘Guide2Portugal brings you this content in Paid Partnership with XXX, all opinions remain our own’ with a link to this page.

At all times you can trust on us to be fair and honest, and we only ever work in paid partnership with companies we truly believe in. We have our full time jobs, and live a great life in Portugal, we don’t need to take paid work with companies we don’t like and promote things we don’t believe in.

Social Media

On our social media channels, we will follow similar rules to the above, by marking anything we received for free as either an AD or ‘Paid Partnership’