A historic property, Quinta da Saraiva provides a fantastic base in Madeira, complete with a pool, hot tub and amazing views. The location of the property not only means the vistas are fantastic, but that easy access to most parts of the island is possible thanks to the nearby bus stops and highways.

Still in the hands of the family descendants, the focus here is on relaxing hospitality, delivered by a small friendly team, whilst leaving you to enjoy the Quinta at your own pace due to the Boutique B&B guest-house style lodging.

The price point is more than reasonable, the location is stunning, and the property is finished to a high standard – as such this has been deemed a ‘Guide2Portugal Unforgettable Stay’ – and you can see exactly why in this video.

Read on below for our full review of Quinta Da Saraiva, with a special €50 discount for our readers when booking direct!

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The reception area in an old wine cellar

The reception and bar area in an old wine cellar

Arrival and check-in – 8/10

Arrival to Quinta da Saraiva was smooth and quick from the airport. Opting for a taxi, it took just over 20-minutes to reach the Quinta.

It’s well located next to the highway, and the local driver handled the narrow final road with ease, though if you’re not used to Madeiran roads, you might want to swing those wing mirrors in. Parking exclusively for the Quinta is found alongside the property, including an electric car charging station.

Due to a delay, my arrival was out of hours, and the team had provided me with codes for the main gate, and also for the bedroom doors – all of which use smart technology and code systems, making it smooth and easy. Waking up the next morning to realise how stunning the view was being a fantastic surprise.

Check-out was processed in the Reception area, located in the old wine cellar, and which doubles as a bar area. It was smooth and quick, with credit card payments and invoicing handled with ease.

All bedrooms in the Quinta have individual touches

All bedrooms in the Quinta have individual touches

Bedrooms and amenities – 8/10

Recently renovated, Quinta da Saraiva provides the perfect boutique B&B experience. A historic property, the Quinta has been loving restored and is ready to welcome guests like a part of the family. Being a 3* B&B some of the facilities of larger hotels are lacking, but this is more than made up for with the setting and service, for those who want a relaxing and traditional get away without paying for all the faff of a five-star.

Each room at the Quinta has been styled individually, with sweet-touches such as painted tiles on the doors and Portuguese patterns on the soft furnishings. The ground floor rooms retain the properties original exposed brick-work, while the upper floors are more modern. Behind the main house are some larger suites, ideal for families or those who prefer self-catering facilities.

The pool and hot-tub framed by amazing views

The pool and hot-tub framed by amazing views

The rooms are equipped with Smart TVs, USB chargers, and spacious modern bathrooms. We particularly appreciated that no miniature toiletries were used, supporting the properties aim of being as environmentally friendly as possible – right down to the Quinta’s goats who make sure there is no food waste!

The property dates back to the 18th-century, and photos, artefacts and stories can be found in the hallways – including local art and traditions like embroidery.

Still family-run, it’s a perfect blend of classic and modern. The star feature though is undoubtedly the swimming pool and hot tub with their incredible views, especially at sunset. Set amongst 5000 square meters of agricultural land, vines, banana plants and various fruits and vegetables are in the gardens and the surrounding landscapes. This means that agro-tourism activities, such as caring for the goats or hens and learning about the vines and plantations of the island are possible on site – especially fun I imagine for the little ones.

Breakfast is a delightful spread or colourful fruits cheses and breads

Breakfast is a delightful spread

Dining and drinking – 9/10

As well as the aforementioned bar in the cellar-area, which turns into an honesty bar out of hours, Breakfast is the food offering in the Quinta and they do it very well.

Of course, you can grab a banana at any time from the grounds, or get some fresh eggs in the morning to go with your breakfast. Breakfast is severed either in the formal dining lounge or the terrace with incredible views.

A delightful spread, and included with the stay, expect individual platters of fresh fruit, jam, breads, cheese, salads, hams, pastries and local juices and coffee.

Local wine tasting or Madeiran BBQs can be arranged on the on-site facilities via the manager Roberto. Lunch and dinner aren’t offered by the Quinta, but there are many local restaurants in the close-by area.

From time to time the Quinta hosts special events – such as Sushi dining experiences, or special menus, so be sure to enquire if these are an option during your visit.

Set amongst banana plantation and vineyards

Set amongst banana plantation and vineyards

Location 9/10

Situated upon a hill, in Camara do Lobos, the views are incredible across the valley and out to the Atlantic.

This positioning means you are very close to the highways, and bus stops, which allows you easy access to not just Funchal in around 10-minutes, but also all popular driving destinations and day-trips on the islands.

While there are a supermarket and restaurants in the immediate vicinity, the port, which retains an authentic fishing atmosphere is a 20-minute downhill walk away.

Here you’ll find to plenty of bars and restaurants, it also has claims to fame, such as being home to the islands signature rum cocktail, Poncha, and a favourite destination of Winston Churchill.

This part of the island seemed much more relaxed and authentic than the tourist developments closer to Funchal – with the prices and local atmosphere reflecting that. Overall, our week here out of a one-month trip to the archipelago was our favourite place to base ourselves.

The view from the balcony of green mountains and the Atlantic

Opt for a balcony room with a sea-view

In summary – 9/10

Thanks to the wonderful team, delightful furnishing, history of the property and especially the sunset soak in the hot tub, we fell in love with the Quinta.

We were very impressed with nearly all aspects of the Quinta da Saraiva – especially given its price point. It is very fairly priced, which perhaps it due to the recent opening and current 2020 situation – we would expect the price to increase in times to come, so book in now to enjoy a fantastic deal.

Book Quinta da Saraiva with a discount

For the best rates book direct at www.quintadasaraiva.com – for our readers, you may enjoy a special discount when booking direct courtesy of our travel writer Dan. When booking, simply enter the code DANFLYINGSOLO to receive a €50 discount on any stays of over 4 nights. This also includes breakfast for two, free park, and a fruit and water welcome pack. (Code valid for reservations until 31/12/2021)

In south-central Portugal, to the right of show-stealing Lisbon and above the summertime fun of the Algarve, the underrated and understated Alentejo region packs a punch.

Technically two regions, Alto and Baixo translating to higher and lower, The Alentejo is awash with Roman and Moorish history, designated dark sky star-gazing reserves and countless grapes hanging from vines ready to be turned into one of Portugal’s greatest exports, and my favourite refreshment, wine. This is, of course, one of the most celebrated wine regions in Portugal.

The visitor count might not be as high here as other parts of the country, but that is very much its charm. Cruising along a near-empty motorway for a weekend escape, the rolling green countryside of vineyards with the odd castle provided a refreshing vacation from the bustle of the city.

The resort I picked for this weekend had to stand out, be quirky and ultimately a real gem of a place. I got scouring Booking.com’s range of properties in Portugal, from hotels made of another Portuguese staple, cork, to restored palaces, the options were surprisingly endless.

L’AND Resort

I finally settled on L’AND Resort, situated just an hour from Lisbon in Montemor-O-Novo. Complete with a hot air balloon, Michelin star restaurant, retractable skylights for star-gazing and wine-production that happenesd inside the resort, I knew I had found my soulmate in hotel form.

Pulling up to the L’AND vineyard resort, the first thing you notice is how un-noticeable the resort is. The leading lines of the white buildings which centre around a lake sink into the green vines and trees that surround them. Not only is the stylish design aesthetically pleasing, but the integration with nature also makes the resort feel much smaller than it is. From the balconies, you can’t see other peoples accommodation, and this added to the sense of privacy and escape that the location of the vineyard offers.

Star Gazing in Alentejo

I’ll jump to my favourite bit about the resort and region as a whole, the star-gazing. Although Montemor-O-Novo doesn’t technically fall into the official Dark Sky Reserve, a dedicated area in Alentejo, the night skies were nothing short of incredible.

The resort with limited light pollution and far enough away from the town is nearly dark at night, and there are plenty of ways to enjoy mother natures nighttime show.

If you book a sky-view suite, then a remote-controlled ceiling pulls back to reveal the twinkly stars straight above your bed for some duvet style sky viewing. In the summer months, the actual glass is also removed from the roof which allows for a better view. To be honest, this was one of the things that disappointed me with the hotel; it’s not made clear when booking that the glass is there for part of the year, and at a premium price, this is something they should make known at booking.

Another option is your outside private plunge pool, which is enclosed on your balcony and more of a deep-bath. You can run the hot-tap and soak away to the magical view above.

Or your balcony, or the hotel rooftop, or by the lake (my favourite), or next to the vines… wherever you go, as long as there are no clouds expect amazing star-lit skies..

Vineyards in Alentejo

Red, white, rose and sparkling; they are all on production and offer in Alentejo with L’AND resort seasonally producing all the still wines in small batches. You could traipse off to explore multiple vineyards, or simply settle into wandering the vines that literally start outside your front door here.

L’AND offers various ways to sample both their wines and other wines from the region. With a glass of wine at check-in, a free wine and cheese pairing at 4 pm and other complimentary wine tasting options depending on the day, you’ll be off to a good start.

More in-depth wine tasting with professional notes can also be arranged, from just their own through to the whole regions. And if you head to the restaurant, the pairing flights can’t be missed.

Fine Dining in Alentejo

The food scene in Portugal is usually highlighted by Piri Piri Chicken and Egg custard tarts (Pastel de Nata) abroad, but the bar is continually being raised by some very talented chefs here and Miguel Laffan is one of those.

His Michelin Star restaurant at L’AND resort offers two menus, seasonal at €75 and the chefs menu at €105. Feeling like five courses would suffice, I went for the seasonal menu which included fresh oysters, deconstructed Portuguese style Bouillabaisse and a tender cut of Pork before two perfect desserts. The focus is on local produce, with the aim to source everything within 50km of the resort and the quality of the dishes was excellent. The matching wines and information that came with them were well worth the extra cash investment.

Miguel himself was in the dining room, running plates and chatting with the guests which was nice to see. Breakfast, a mix of buffet and a la carte the next morning was also of high quality.

L’AND Resort
L’AND Resort

L’AND resort review

With both a heated indoor and natural temperature outdoor pool between the 22 suites, there is plenty of place for R&R. The outside pool was empty of water on my visit, even in May, and this was another annoyance when paying for a premium hotel having a big empty hole in the lawn. The sauna looks out across the pool and vineyards, and the spa looked pretty fancy, although I didn’t have time to make use of it. The resort can also arrange a hot air balloon ride for you direct from the hotel to see Alentejo from above, prices are from €625 per trip as they don’t offer group flights.

Overall I loved the resort but wish I had seen it at it’s best, with the fully retractable windows and the pool open. It’s a pricey place to stay but even if you don’t book in, do try to get a reservation at the restaurant as it was genuinely excellent. You can see more of L’AND here.

But what else is there to discover nearby?

The Alentejo region of Portugal is vast, but here are a few highlights you could easily visit from the resort.

Montemor O-Novo

The small city of Montemor-O-Novo is a quick five-minute drive from the resort and can be seen in the background from the main dining room.

The cities main feature is the ruins of the Roman castle which sits atop the hill and although the walls have fallen in many places, inside you’ll find a convent and church in pretty good condition. The views are also excellent and stretch well beyond the city from the viewing point.

Montemor-O-Novo is pretty compact and can be easily walked in a couple of hours between the squares and churches down below. I wanted to visit the Escoural Cave, complete with prehistoric art but discovered you need to call ahead to arrange access.


Évora is the capital of Alto Alentejo and the principal city of the region, by car it should take around an hours drive from Montemor-O-Novo.

The historic centre is surrounded by towering stone walls and viaducts, and I loved the afternoon exploring here.

Start off in the Royal Palace gardens where peacocks casually stroll past the buildings before ducking outside to the Chapel of Bon, also known as the bone church as many skeletons decorate the building following a mass exhumation in years gone by.

Évora Cathedral is a large Gothic construction dating back to the 12th century and the nominal entrance fee which includes inside the church, the courtyard and the fantastic views across the city from the roof-top is a must do

Just along from the Cathedral is the Roman Temple of Évora which stands in excellent condition and would look more in place in Italy than a rural Portuguese city. The history of Portugal is often glossed over in favour of its beaches, but the more I explore the country, the more in awe I become of its fascinating collection of historic architecture.

The main square is a great stop to grab a bite to eat, listen to local musicians and people watch before strolling through narrow side streets of cobbles and whitewashed homes.


Another one hour drive brings you to Beja, the capital of Baixa Alentejo, and smaller than it’s counterpart Evora.

When I arrived, they were hosting ‘The Festival of Tiles’ which I’m assuming isn’t a year-round event, but traditional Portuguese tiles were permanently adorning many of the buildings throughout the city.

In Beja be sure not to miss out on the traditional market around the castle if you arrive on a Saturday morning. The 13th-century castle also boasts panoramic views from its tower.

The main square, a small affair, is shadowed by the Igreja de Misericórdia church which started its life as a meat market and the domed porch at the front often has local artwork on show. There are a few churches and galleries in the city, but you’ll need less time to get under the skin of Beja as you do in Évora. From Beja, you could continue your road-trip on to the Algarve’s coastline in under two hours and check out all my favourite Algarve hidden gems!

Albufeira has been blessed with an abundance of beaches varying from long, sprawling sandy ones to tiny, rocky coves. Formerly a fishing town that transformed into a tourist spot in the mid-’60s, this town has gone through many identities and still changes dramatically with the seasons. Visitors coming in the height of summer will experience a buzzing city with loud music and clubs galore, packed with restaurants and more activities than you can pack into a fortnights break.

Should you choose to visit Albufeira off-season, you’ll find a somewhat different atmosphere. It’s so much more relaxed, and visitors can discover the other side of Albufeira, with horse rides on the beach, spa and wellness retreats, inland adventures and even as a base to explore different regions. There’s always something to do in Albufeira whether it’s cultural, gourmet, luxurious, artistic, budget, upbeat or tranquil, they’ve been mastering the art of delivering multi-faceted tourism for nearly 60 years, and there truly is something for everyone here.

If a day of banana boats, riding a bucking bronco, dancing until 6 am and grabbing a kebab on your way home is your thing, then come in the summer. Alternatively, you can enjoy 2 Michelin star dining and total tranquillity. Albufeira has it all.

Hotel California

Created by a local architectural studio, Hotel California Urban Beach is an Adults only, four-star hotel slap bang in the centre of the old town and just a 2-minute walk to the famous Praia dos Pescadores Beach. A rooftop pool and views overlooking Albufeira complement this modern, funky downtown hotel.

With elegant air-conditioned rooms that are contemporary in style, featuring Smart TVs with some rooms including a seating area.

Enjoy a visit to the onsite D’Spa, with its heated indoor pool and a water circuit along with a good range of massages and beauty treatments using Organic & Vegan products. Cocktails and refreshments are available at the pool bar, lounge bar and also in the onsite restaurant Wine & Sushi Califórnia.

🔎 Book it or check prices: Booking.com

© Epic SANA
© Epic SANA

EPIC SANA Algarve Hotel

This five-star resort hotel has everything you could hope for when looking for comfort, facilities and excellent service. Located in the Falesia area of Albufeira, in a highly privileged cliff top position surrounded by perfectly manicured gardens you’ll find this haven away from the summer crowds. The accommodation is varied with a selection of sea-view and resorts view hotel rooms, studios and apartments in the residences with a children’s club, and then there are the gorgeous sea-view, garden suites all decorated very tastefully. Every room has an oversized bath and rain shower with gorgeous toiletries, robes and slippers.

With direct access to the award-winning Falesia beach, there are two large outdoor pools, one adult only that is standing level, so perfect for both laps and those who prefer just to cool off next to the Open Deck restaurant serving delicious Portuguese dishes in a relaxed atmosphere.

The SAYANNA Spa is divine and definitely worth a visit. Breakfast shouldn’t be missed and offers the perfect balance to start your day. The jewel in the crown here is the Al Quimia Gourmet restaurant, which is a must-visit for lovers of excellent food and wines. Naturally inspired decor envelopes an instant feeling of comfort and relaxation throughout.

🔎 Book it or check prices: Booking.com

Jupiter Albufeira Hotel – Family & Fun

Newly renovated five-star Jupiter Albufeira Hotel – Family & Fun is located in Montechoro, in a quiet area just a 10-minute drive by complimentary free shuttle service to and from Oura Beach and Albufeira’s centre. A water park, many outdoor pools, a spa area and entertainment program giving the hotel a resort feel.

Modern décor, with private balconies, en-suite bathrooms with a walk-in shower and large rooms make this hotel perfect for families. Restaurants serving buffet, Italian and a la carte are available on room-only or all-inclusive board. The rooftop bar is the cherry on the cake with stunning views over Albufeira and the ocean.

🔎 Book it or check prices: Booking.com

Santa Eulalia Hotel & Spa

Great location for beach lovers, the Santa Eulalia is only 500 meters from two of Albufeira’s famous beaches, Praia da Oura and it’s namesake Santa Eulália. This hotel has a mixture of air-conditioned studio and suite accommodation that comprise of a kitchenette, seating and dining area, bedroom and bathroom with all amenities along with a private outside terrace.

Communal features include indoor and outdoor swimming pools, evening entertainment, including live music, karaoke and there’s an onsite restaurant too. The hotel is located just off the road and surrounded by gardens.

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Hotel Ondamar

A selection of studio, one and two-bedroom apartments make up this aparthotel. All apartments are fully equipped with fitted kitchenettes and large balconies and bright, airy decor.

Slightly set back in a more residential area, and around a leisurely 15 minutes’ walk from the main Albufeira beaches and the old town. With an indoor heated pool, and two outdoor pools (one just for children) and set in landscaped gardens with bridges and water features.

The onsite Restaurante, A Lota where guests can enjoy a continental breakfast or traditional Portuguese cuisine in the evening. The complimentary shuttle bus is available to and from the beach, and downtown Albufeira.

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Salgados by Vidamar Hotel
Salgados by Vidamar Hotel

Salgados by Vidamar Hotel

Beautiful restaurants, a variety of crafted outdoor swimming pools, outdoor and indoor bars and sculpted gardens create the mood here in the Salgados area of Albufeira.

Designer rooms and suites come in a range of pool or garden views, right next to the sea with large balconies and great amenities. Interconnecting family rooms are also available.

This five-star resort is on the Marina side of Albufeira and is set in a tranquil location, perfect for a week or so to recharge your batteries in luxurious surroundings. The surrounding area has many of the Algarves’ best restaurants and pristine beaches. There’s a kid’s club for the children along with room service to add to your comfort.

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Finding the perfect hotel will make your holiday in the Algarve one to remember. As you’ll be aware, we are indeed blessed with fabulous weather in this part of the world and so much accommodation that it can be hard to choose where to stay.

We’ve explored many of the 52 luxury five-star hotels and selected our top ten based on a few factors.

High standards in comfort, service and facilities are essential along with the setting, most five-star properties have a sea view in the Algarve, and some even have Michelin star restaurants to add to their exclusivity. While prices in high season can be on par with city prices, there are always off-season bargains to be had, and many hotels and resorts run wellness retreats in the slower months.

The spas are world-class with brands such as L’Occitane and Sisley providing gorgeous products to enhance the experience. Fine cotton linen, plush pillows, luxurious toiletries, bonbons and little surprises in your suite make all the difference. The service has to be flawless, and a feeling of wellbeing should be almost instant when walking into the reception area. With that in mind, here’s our pick of the best. Enjoy and sweet dreams in the Algarve!

Vila Vita Parc

Vila Vita is so much more than a hotel or resort, located in Armacao de Pera, Central Algarve.

It’s a unique oasis of sea-inspired rooms, suites and villas with ocean views and some of the best dining outlets in the area. The clifftop location has 54 acres of subtropical gardens, a Morrocan garden, fountains, pools, a private beach and their own yacht. A wine cellar that’s 8 metres underground with dining options, Misu Japanese restaurant, Ocean their Michelin star restaurant and many more besides. The Sisley Spa, Vila Vita shopping area and bars dotted around, should keep guests entertained. They also have a Bavarian Bier Garten, beach restaurants and a beach club in the local area along with their own vineyard in the Alentejo.

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Photography supplied by Bela Vista Palace
Photography supplied by Bela Vista Palace

Bela Vista Hotel & Spa – Relais & Chateaux

A magnificent, historical building in the unlikely yet privileged location on the cliffs of Praia da Rocha. This is a boutique hotel with an eclectic and flamboyant style with some of the best views around. Direct beach access, a large pool and decked dining area are some of the outdoor features worth mentioning.

Spread over three areas, each with totally unique nautical design features and mostly facing the stunning panoramic sea views. The Vistas restaurant has a Michelin star and is worth a visit. We love the L’Occtiane Spa for a spot of pampering, and there are many restaurants and bars within walking distance – an ideal luxury hotel in the Algarve.

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Photography supplied by Tivoli Carvoeiro
Photography supplied by Tivoli Carvoeiro

Tivoli Carvoeiro

In the picturesque, old fishing town of Carvoeiro, perched inside the face of a cliff lays the breathtaking Tivoli Carvoeiro. From the hotel lobby, the eye is instantly drawn to the view at the back of the hotel, which is simply stunning. The recent refurbishment has seen the addition of a Sky Bar, The One fine dining restaurant, spa with gym and many large suites to accommodate more families. The design is light, bright and elegant, taking elements from the ocean and nature.

There is a lobby bar and two further, more informal restaurants along with a kids club and conference facilities. This is a very popular wedding venue too because of the excellent view and walking distance to the village and beaches.

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© Epic SANA
© Epic SANA


Located in the Falesia area of Albufeira, in a highly privileged cliff top position framed with perfectly manicured gardens you’ll find this haven. With a selection of sea-view and resorts view hotel rooms, studios and apartments in the residences with a children’s club, and then there are the gorgeous sea-view, garden suites. This is one of the best dreamy Algarve luxury hotels you can book. Every room has an oversized bath and rain shower with delightful toiletries, robes and slippers.

With direct access to the award-winning Falesia beach, there are two large outdoor pools, next to the Open Deck restaurant serving delicious Portuguese dishes in a relaxed atmosphere. The SAYANNA Spa is divine and definitely worth a visit, while their Al Quimia Gourmet restaurant is a must-visit for lovers of excellent food and wines.

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Conrad Algarve

World-class service, gourmet dining, brunches, fabulous events and an infinity pool are a few things worth mentioning about the luxury 5-star Conrad Algarve. Set in the golden circles’, Quinta do Lago where the rich and famous hang out.

The elegant rooms have contemporary notes of grey in the design features and balconies overlooking the palms or the pool.
Luxurious toiletries make having a soak in the marble bathroom all the better.

Dining at the Conrad Algarve is a marvellous experience, and the Michelin star Gusto by Heinz Beck is the best they have. More casual dining is available downstairs or poolside, and the cocktail bar is a real treat. The spa has some fantastic water features that can be used before treatments or for a fee.

🔎 Book it or check prices: Booking.com

Pine Cliffs

Surrounded by mature pine trees in the stunning cliffs of Falesia, The five-star Pine Cliffs is a luxury, award-winning family resort managed by the Marriott International group. With many styles of accommodation with Pine Cliffs Terraces, Pine Cliffs Deluxe Villas, Pine Cliffs Ocean Suites, Pine Cliffs Residence and Pine Cliffs Townhouses.

Only 800 m from the Atlantic beaches with private access, the 9-hole golf course, Serenity Spa, two swimming pools, the Anabel Croft Tennis academy. They have many dining venues including a private beach bar, Portuguese steak house and Japanese restaurant making this a perfect Luxury Algarve resort for those who enjoy the finer things in life and traditional hospitality.

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Lake Resort Luxury Hotel Algarve
Lake Resort Luxury Hotel Algarve

Domes Lake Resort

A luxurious resort with a natural, sandy beach pool and a floating restaurant that’s only 300 m from Falésia Beach. Balconies reach out from the rooms and have stunning views of the surrounding lake and sea.

A Moorish-style dome welcomes guests at the reception. Spacious, comfortable rooms with luxurious linens and bathroom treats put you in the mood to slow down and relax.

The resort has three restaurants, two bars and a library full of books and magazines but is also not far from Vilamoura Marina or Thai Beach Club for those who like to get out and about. There’s a spa area, Koala Kids Club, three pools and plenty of outdoor space to enjoy.

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Grand House

This beautiful, old school, grand house is Belle Époque hotel and the only 5-star hotel in the most eastern town of Vila Real de Santo António. On the bank of the Guadiana River, you can enjoy views of the harbour and Spanish town of Ayamonte at the other side of the river from one of the 30 rooms or suites.

The decor is traditional and features many antiques, mouldings and opulent design details. Fine dining, a rooftop terrace and bar are available to guests as is a complimentary transfer to the hotels’ beach club with its infinity pool – check-in and relax in the ultimate Algarvian luxury!

🔎 Book it or check prices: Booking.com

The beach at Carvoeiro Tivoli
The beach at Carvoeiro Tivoli

Longevity Health and Wellness Hotel

This new hotel is built into a secluded hillside by the fishing village of Alvor and enjoys views out to the bay and the countryside. As a wellness hotel, the focus is on facilities such as their infinity rooftop outdoor swimming pool along with a heated indoor pool.

Contemporary, naturally inspired décor is evident throughout. All rooms have a balcony and all the amenities that you would expect from a five-star hotel.

The breakfast buffet is served at the Rooftop Pure Cafe by Longevity, which has beautiful panoramic sea views. There’s a spa and wellness centre, with a wide range of treatments and massages and state of the art fitness studio.

🔎 Book it or check prices: Booking.com

Salgados by Vidamar Hotel
Salgados by Vidamar Hotel

Vidamar Hotel

A variety of interestingly sculpted outdoor swimming pools, outdoor and indoor bars and landscaped gardens along with a good selection of dining options create the mood here in the Salgados area of Albufeira.

Designer rooms and suites come in a range of pool, garden and sea views with large balconies and great amenities. Interconnecting family rooms are also available.

This five-star resort after the Marina of Albufeira, set in a tranquil location, perfect for a week or so to recharge your batteries in luxurious surroundings. The surrounding area has many of the Algarves’ best restaurants and pristine beaches. It’s also a great springboard to explore other areas as it’s very central.

There’s a kid’s club for the children along with room service to add to your comfort, as the parents can just enjoy the Algarve in luxury, you know you deserve it!

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